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I've launched Giant Moose Productions LLC, my own film making production company.


We are dedicated to creating projects that highlight the accomplishments, challenges and dreams of women, minorities and marginalized communities. We strive to emphasize love and compassion working to forge a more harmonious world.

I've written a screenplay and produced our first short indie film.

In Colorado's Rocky Mountain State Park, while hiking alone in deep snow on a summit peak, I encountered a giant moose who came over a crest and stood within feet of me alongside his female mate. He was incredibly enormous, majestic and powerful. We locked eyes as he came closer and closer, kicking piles of snow with each step. With a final deep look he nodded yes, gave a snort, turned and they both mounted another crest, hurling snow high into the air with each step. It was a life changing encounter. I had been dreaming about the future of my career and felt it was a good sign. I named my Company in honor of that event.

Our premiere production is entitled "Strawberries". It's a poignant story of a woman who is waiting for her son, but we soon learn her sad and awful truth.

I wrote this screenplay because my father was having memory problems before he passed.

We successfully launched a fundraiser and raised financing to produce this film. We are currently in post production and will be submitting the short film to festivals soon.

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