"Carol does great work. She is able to deliver a range of personality with an upbeat energy in a solid performance. ”  

Terry Berland, CSA


​Broadwayworld.com (Rochester)

"Carol Beaugard, as Yente the village matchmaker, is exceptional with her own brand of quick wit and sharp tongue..."

Alternate Take 2 (Philadelphia)

"Carol Beaugard's Yente is played for all of its comic relief and hearkens back to authentic Yiddish theatre of early 20th century."

Snoop's Theatre Thoughts (St. Louis) 

"There's a great cast here,with a standout performance from Carol Beaugard as determined matchmaker Yente."

Triangle Arts & Entertainment (Durham)

"Adding humor to the story is Carol Beaugard's spot-on performance as gossiping matchmaker Yente."  

Buzznews (Chicago)

"Carol Beaugard as Yente the matchmaker is a hoot."

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